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The World's #1 LED-UV Curing Modules: AMS Spectral UV’s Designs


The XP Series is the go-to LED-UV curing system for commercial sheetfed offset printing and a host of other applications that require a rugged, resilient curing module. Built using quality materials and the world's most powerful LED chips, the XP Series is designed to withstand nonstop use in tough conditions and high-productivity printing environments.


Industrial-strength water and electrical connections

Patented liquid-based cooling system to maintain temperature integrity

Seamless form factor can be built to wide widths

Upgradeable and replaceable LED chips

Patented Peak Optics make it possible to position the module at varied distances from the media, up to 6 ins. away, while still achieving a secure cure

Universal t-slot mounting rails make the unit easily integrated into a variety of machinery

AMS Spectral UV - A Baldwin Technology Company manufactures LED UV curing systems that are used to solidify or "dry" printing inks, coatings and adhesives, among other applications.

AMS Spectral UV is dedicated to building products that change the lives of its customers and doing this starts with our people. From research and development through engineering and production, our team is made up of experienced professionals who know the industry and constantly strive to achieve, innovate and progress.


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