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YUL Technologies has a strong background in engineering, specialising in the development, design and manufacture of innovative and efficient industrial machines for the printing sector. Based in Quebec, Canada, all of YUL products are designed by experienced technicians with the customers’ ease of operation in mind.

At the heart of YUL Technologies’ business are intelligent and ultra-efficient programmable paper cutters. They are available in 17, 19, 22 and 26 inches.

Features can include an optical cutting line, light beam, availability in Imperial (inches) or Metric (centimetre) versions, as well as Spanish and French language options. An intuitive interface with password security provides plug-and-cut capability, as well as Wifi monitoring, 3G networking and 100 easy programming steps. YUL Technologies paper cutters are robust enough to be used in a production environment – digital or otherwise – but friendly enough anywhere else.


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